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God's Power on Display

Psalm 114:1-8 ESV

This is a short psalm remembering the salvation of the nation of Israel. The Lord led Israel out of Egypt under Moses with a powerful display of His might; The Red Sea dried up and later the Jordan River dried up to enter the Promised Land. When God moves for His people the earth trembles and rocks give water when needed.


This was written 100's of years after the events, but the psalmist is reminding himself (and us) that God is still powerful to move heaven and earth for His people. So how powerful is the God I believe in today? Do I trust in God, Who works in my life? The Same God (and only One there has ever been) who moves oceans, rivers, and mountains to display His glory and dominion through my life. I need to write down the great things God has done in my life to show His love and power in my days. I guess my "little" struggles are not too much for my God!

How have you seen God's glory on display in your life?

What are you trusting Him for today?

-Mark Hall

Photo by John Rodenn Castillo on Unsplash



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Friday, 22 October 2021

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